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We Push Trains is dedicated to doing the hard work, getting film projects from Start to Finish.

we push trains

Creating progressive projects with positive themes and stories. Nobody likes to help push and get the project started, but everyone likes to hop on a moving train. We Push Trains is dedicated to doing the hard work, getting projects from start to finish; Development, Preproduction, Production, Post Production, Distribution and Marketing.

We operate with the old school mentality of rolling up your sleeves and doing the heavy lifting. Stepping up to get the job done that others claim impossible. We will help brainstorm and problem solve our way through the treacherous landscape of the filmmaking process to ensure the films completion. 

We loved hearing Gabby Douglas say after winning her gold medal at the Olympics; "Hard days are the best, because that's when Champions are made... If u can push through the hard days, u can do anything." We Push ourselves, technology, cast and the crew around us to make the best possible project possible be it a feature film, commercial, music videos, or TV.

We do offer different plans depending where you are in the filmmaking process, please inquire and special cases can be discussed. Everything is always about scheduling. Sometimes you just never know when the stars align and anything is possible... that's why we create dreams. As Stanley Kubrick said "if it can be thought, it can be filmed".